Contenders for A Grand Christmas

From those who signed-up yesterday (11/24), congratulations to another five Contenders for FM 95’s Grand Christmas with Galesburg Nissan:

Serena Schaefer of Princeville
Pam Bellar of Galesburg
Ramona Jacobson of Galesburg
Dan Cervantez of Galesburg
Travis Melling of Keithsburg

They were drawn at random and will now be included in the Grand Prize drawing this morning (Wednesday, November 25th) at about 8:45 for a chance to win $1,000!!

Contenders previously announced:

     Tuesday 11/24
Patricia Smith of Galesburg
Paul Leafgreen, Jr. of Altona
Michael Messenger of Galesburg
David Pruett of Cameron
Lisa Welker of Elmwood

     Monday 11/23
Sheri Owen of Galesburg
Cathie Brush of Galesburg
Anita Melgosa of Galesburg
Brian Kenney of Galva
Lauren Hippen of Kirkwood

     Sunday 11/22
Donna Ericson of Galva
Lucille Stachyra of Galesburg
Lisa Franey of Knoxville
Sandra Davis of Galesburg
Everett Utterback of Bushnell

     Saturday 11/21
Shannon Kelso of Galesburg
Sharon Robinson of Abingdon
Lauren Boynton of Galesburg
Mike Lenahan of Lomax
Aaron Sikorski of Monmouth

     Friday 11/20
Dawn Phillips of Bushnell
Debra Decrane of Monmouth
Michael Yeomans of Henderson
Al Helvick of Galesburg
Peggy Logan of Knoxville

Thursday 11/19
Johnny Kling of Sherrard
Amy Neal of Abingdon
Laura Lyle of Monmouth
Julie Barrington of Dunlap
Zoe Rosecrans of Cuba

     Wednesday 11/18
Don Utsinger of Galesburg
Victor Mahnesmith of Gilson
Marlene Courson of London Mills
Sara Cree of Galesburg
Denise Olson of Alexis

     Tuesday 11/17
Terra Folger of Avon
Amy Miles of Monmouth
Laura Myers of Abingdon
Tyler Gamble of Galesburg
Kole Kenan of Galesburg

     Monday 11/16
Peggy Williams of Avon
Kristina Dotson of Galesburg
Kathy Shipley of Galesburg
Bonnie Lee of Galesburg
Kaarina Stanley of Knoxville

     Sunday 11/15
David Jenkins of Galesburg
Lisa Hughes of Monmouth
Alexsha Alexander of Roseville
Penny Young of Galesburg
Richard Schulze of Galesburg

     Saturday 11/14
Cassidy Mills of Galesburg
Ethan Bigger of Media
Michael Talbert of Knoxville
Jacob Reed of Galesburg
Virgil Moore of Galesburg

     Friday 11/13
Lyndale Pickrel of Galesburg
Apryl Ratliff of Cuba
Lori Davis of Kirkwood
Karen Chatterton of Macomb
Alexandrea Davis of Monmouth

     Thursday 11/12
Josh Magee of Galesburg
Kerry Givan of Galesburg
Shirley Pringle of Galesburg
Mike Sargeant of Galesburg
Max Epperson of Abingdon

     Wednesday 11/11
Jami Valdez of Smithshire
Shawn Burns of Galesburg
Vanessa Mills of Dahinda
Megan Garcia of Farmington
Teresa Noble of Galesburg

     Tuesday 11/10
Tracey Harshbarger of Galesburg
Mariah Valdez of Galesburg
Jasmine Padilla of Monmouth
Rachel Bork of Galesburg
Rebecca Lytle of Galesburg