High / Low I Wanna Go See Luke

Round 5 was won by Cindy Cozadd of Abingdon when she guessed: 


Thank you to everyone who played High/Low with us over the last couple of weeks, and thank you also to Merschmann Seeds for sponsoring the game!


Round 1 winner on Thursday 9/06 was Georgia Matthew of Havana when she guessed 548!

Round 2 winner on Tuesday 9/11 was Lacey Claeys of Galesburg when she guessed 163!

Round 3 winner on Wednesday 9/12 was Melanie Tuthill of East Galesburg when she guessed 227!

Round 4 winner on Friday 9/14 was Stephanie Johnson of Abingdon when she guessed 682!

Round 5 winner on Tuesday 9/18 was Cindy Cozadd of Abingdon when she guessed 399!