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  • Counties fairing well through the weekend July 28, 2016
    Fair season is nearing it’s end but not before Fulton and Henderson County Fairs make it through the weekend. Henderson has figure 8 races at the grandstand both Friday and Saturday night, while Fulton is planning on
  • St. Jude Galesburg to Peoria runners step off bright and early Saturday July 28, 2016
    More than 40 runners and 10 drivers will trek from Galesburg to Peoria Saturday in support of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The annual run is a relay type where runners move in two mile increments switching off
  • Ruppel optometry partners with Gailey Eye Clinic July 28, 2016
    A local optometrist has partnered with a statewide eye clinic that also has a local location. In a letter to patients, Dr. James Ruppel says his practice has joined with Gailey Eye Clinic.  Ruppel’s office at 834
  • County board refigures process for appointments July 28, 2016
    For months Knox County Board members, in particular Bob Bondi and Dick Conklin, have been concerned with the process by which the board approves appointees of public bodies they’re in charge of overseeing. Posts like township sanitation

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