Concert Connection Winners of Joe Diffie Tickets

Joe DiffieOn Saturday, we sent an email to those that had previously signed-up for the FM 95 Concert Connection. The email was an invitation to register to win tickets for Joe Diffie at the Limelight Eventplex in Peoria this Saturday. From all of those that replied that they wanted to go see the “pickup man”, 3 winners were drawn at random Tuesday morning:

Kris Benson of Williamsfield

Dave Dains of Galesburg

Mike McDaniel of Maquon

Congratulations! They each won a pair of tickets for Joe’s concert.

Click For JOE DIFFIE Concert Info

Thank you to everyone that registered for a chance to win. From time-to-time we have opportunities to win concert tickets exclusively for those that are members of the FM 95 Concert Connection. If you haven’t already signed-up and you’d like to be included, click here!