Girl Gets Head & Shoulders Stuck In Barney Head

I love you, you love me, my head is stuck can’t you see.  

A 15-YEAR-OLD GIRL GETS HER HEAD STUCK IN A GIANT BARNEY HEAD: She might be a little old to still be playing with Barney toys ,but that didn’t stop 15-year-old Darby Rinser from trying on a giant head of the purple dinosaur. The incident happened at a church in Alabama on Sunday.  Rinser’s mother says her daughter donned the costume head in an attempt to scare a group of her friends, but when she sat down on a sofa, it slipped down and over her shoulders causing her to get stuck. When her friends couldn’t free her her family drove her to the local fire station, where firefighters were able to remove the costume head.  

“All the girls started trying to pull it off, but it wasn’t budging,” Risner said. “I started getting a little claustrophobic and felt like it was kind of closing in.”

At one point, Risner said her friends tried to rub Vaseline all over her arms. Though the head moved up a bit, it still didn’t come up all the way, she said.

One of Risner’s friends had a boyfriend at the Trussville Fire Department, so they called to ask for help.

 (Us Weekly)