Congrats To Our Cubs VS Cards Ticket Winners

There is nothing in the world like a game of catch with some pals.  We took FM 95 Mornings outside to play catch, cause mom always said, ‘don’t play ball in the house’.   We played for an hour and you guessed online how many throws we would make.  The two closest guesses won a pair of tickets to the greatest rivalry in baseball, Cubs Vs Cards at Busch on May 6th.  We made 638 throws playing catch for an hour & Terri Hopping of Galesburg came within -18 from that number.  Also Sharon Watkins of London Mills was within +15 of the total.   Congrats, ladies from Galesburg Toyota and FM 95!

Listen here to find out Terri’s strategy to win:

Also thanks to my friend Sara Robison of C.A.S.A. & our pal & photographer Kent Kriegshauser {his work displayed above} for playing catch with us.

Oh, and Go Cubs Go!!!