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WaterWorks Car Wash Pro Football Pickem

We’ve wrapped up the regular season in the Water Works Car Wash Pro Football Pickem and given away hundreds in cash!

RONALD DeJAYNES of Galesburg
finished in 1st place with 19,500 points and won $500 cash!

2nd place and $250 goes to

3rd place and $100 goes to
DONNA PALMER of Galesburg

Thank you to everyone who did some “pickin'” throughout the season. We hope you had some fun playing the Water Works Car Wash Pro Football Pickem!

week #18:  MIKE KRATZ of Galva
week #17:  NOLAN ZELLMAN of Oneida
week #16:  RICHARD MILLER of Woodhull
week #15:  LAURA DePAEPE of Galesburg
week #14:  JACOB CROW of Galesburg
week #13:  BRANDI ANASTASOFF of Galesburg
week #12:  CINDY CHASTEEN of Oneida
week #11:  JOSH PIERCE of Abingdon
week #10:  ELIZABETH TUCKER of Oneida
week #9:  RITA LOOKINGBILL of Galesburg
week #8:  RYAN GREENWOOD of Galesburg
week #7:  KELLY GRIDLEY of Galesburg
week #6:  BILL ROGERS of Monmouth
week #5:  DAVID OLCOTT of Wataga
week #4:  CHRISTOPHER BELL of Blandinsville
week #3:  TARA DeJAYNES of Abingdon
week #2:  TERI SMITH of Marietta
week #1:  TWILA JOHNSON of Bushnell